Grau Agency

The challenge

Build a new website for a digital agency, in order to help then reach their OKRs in 2017.

CEO: Sales growth driven during economic crises

Objective: Growth agency's awareness

Key Results: Increase hits on site by 25%

Key Results: Communicate the values of the services


I had interviewed colleagues and clients in order to identify their needs and expectations with the current agency work process, as well as collect insights to the new website.

As a deliverable, I documented my findings in Insight Cards and organized then in a Affinity Diagram.


After identifying the insights, from technical requirements to clients daily needs, I was sure I could create a design inclusive for everyone.

Fast Prototyping

Some good ideas popped-up and I began prototyping with a mobile first approach.

This prototype was made in paper.

High fidelity prototype

This prototypes were made with ScreenFlow and MarvelApp.

Fit in all screen

With screens increasingly diversified, responsive breakpoints is losing ground for content breakpoints. With that approach, content becomes reference, not the device.

Final designs

This design was made with Sketch


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